Nerfertiti: The Most beautiful consort

 Some women are either beautiful or smart. A few like Nefertiti had both! Who was this great beauty?        Nefertiti was an ancient Egyptian queen who lived during the 14th century BC. She is perhaps best known for her striking beauty and her role as the wife of the Pharaoh Akhenaten. However, there is much more to Nefertiti than just her appearance or her status as a royal consort. Her life and legacy offer us a glimpse into the fascinating world of ancient Egypt and the powerful women who helped shape its history.       Nefertiti was born in the city of Thebes, which was then the capital of Egypt. Her exact birthdate is unknown, but it is believed that she was born around 1370 BC. Her parents were not of royal blood, but Nefertiti could still rise to the highest ranks of Egyptian society through her marriage to Akhenaten. The couple is believed to have been deeply in love, and their relationship was marked by a sense of equality and partnership that was unusual for the time.      On

Olympias Alexander the Great's mother

  There is a saying that behind every great man, is an even greater woman, this phrase fits perfectly for the mother of Alexander the Great, Olympias. Olympias, I believed is overlooked and overshadowed by her son Alexander and her ex-husband Philip. Olympias is the  unexpected warrior woman; she only takes the role of the warrior woman after her son is dead. She is the reluctant warrior who becomes warrior queen only to make sure her grandson and his mother Roxana was safe and that Alexander’s son not one of his generals becomes ruler of his empire. According to Jona Lendering, Olympias (c.375-316) who was an Epirote princess married Philip of Macedonia in 357, this was a marriage of political strengthening. This was the year after King Philip had a chariot race during the Olympic Games in which he was victorious and therefore, she received the name Olympias and the same summer she gave birth to her first-born Alexander (Lendering 2000).       . In ancient times people believed that a

Artemisia 1 of Caria

         Wow, I cannot believe that there were women commanders in the war between the ancient Greeks and the ancient Persians! Shocker! In the ancient world where women are supposed to be married by the time, they are fifteen and are supposed to be barefoot pregnant , one woman defied society’s norm and took part in the war for ancient Greek independence and her name was Artemisia of Caria. And no, she did not fight on the side of the Greeks. I am not sure that if she wanted to fight with them that the army officials would have let her. Who was this warrior queen of Greek descent that allied with the Persian empire? Artemisia was most probably named after the Greek goddess of hunt Artemis. The name Artemisia is of unknown origins just like the goddess’ name. Artemisia's father was the  satrap  of Halicarnassus,  Lygdamis  I, and her mother whose name is lost to history was from Crete. Lygdamis was of Carian and Greek ethnicity. He was the first satrap under the Persia